East’s Bartlett has two FBS offers

Cheyenne East junior Tevis Bartlett (6-foot-4, 195 pounds) has football scholarship offers from the University of Wyoming and University of Colorado.

Both schools are looking at the 2013 Wyoming Gatorade Player of the Year as either a quarterback or safety, I was told Friday morning.

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More on Riedl, Edeen heading to college

Our standard for writing college commitment stories is that the athlete must be getting athletic financial aid for committing to the school. I made an exception in the case of Central graduates David Riedl and Seth Edeen — who I wrote about here — because their stories were unique.

It’s not often that guys spend the fall after their senior years not playing football — or in Edeen’s case playing junior hockey — and then go back to the sport. The fact that they’re going to be preferred walk-ons (meaning that the school said, “Yeah, we’ll guarantee you a spot at practice this fall.”) also factored into my decision to write about them.

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Different ways of doing things

More than five months after the University of Wyoming fired football coach Joe Glenn, we are still hearing about it.

Earlier this week former Glenn assistant coach Ron Wisniewski submitted a letter to the editor/guest editorial to media outlets around the state about an article written a few weeks back by ESPN.com blogger Graham Watson.

Wisniewski wasn’t pleased with some of the things Watson wrote about  the program when Glenn and Co. were there.
He took exception to some of the things Watson wrote, and what some of the players were quoted in saying.

You can draw your own conclusions on who was right and who was wrong. I think both Watson and Wisniewski were both correct and incorrect with some of their points.

The bottom line in all of this is that people have different ways of doing things.

The way first-year UW coach Dave Christensen is running the program now is different than what Glenn did.

Does that make it better?

We will see.

When there is change there inevitably be comparisons to the past. That happens in anything you do. But dwelling too much on the past, whether its good or bad, isn’t productive for anyone involved.

The Glenn era at UW is done. Let it go and move on. There were good things and bad things that happened in those six years.

The Christensen era is just starting. Let’s see what happens. The Cowboys haven’t even played a game yet.