More on Peeples

Cheyenne Mustangs assistant coach Jeff McKay said center fielder Tyler Peeples could probably play any sport he wanted. When asked which sport he would try, given the entire universe of sports to try, he drew a blank. I offered a couple of suggestions, as did McKay, namely golf or tennis.

Peeples then confessed to having a short attention span and being easily distracted, thus eliminating golf. He offered a case in point from last weekend’s game.

A mosquito landed on the ball of his cap, and he pondered the bug mid-game. Until he heard the crack of the bat and his teammates yelling “Back, back, back!!” Even with a late jump on the ball, Peeples tracked down the fly ball on the warning track, making a backhand catch with his glove at his hip.

Coach Steve Basich was none the wiser. “He said I made a great play,” Peeples said.