Why did Halee Moore kiss this soccer ball?

MooreI’ve always thought I knew why Cheyenne Central’s Halee Moore puckered up and planted a quick smooch on a soccer ball prior to taking her shot during a shootout with Cheyenne East in the 2013 Class 4A girls soccer state championship match.

But it wasn’t until Thursday that my suspicions were confirmed. Continue reading

Five of Wyoming’s Class 4A teams debut new helmets

The first weekend of the Wyoming Class 4A football season saw five teams debut new helmets. Some of the changes were drastic, while others were subtle. Here’s a comparison of the 2014 looks and the 2015. Continue reading

Pigskin postmortem: Cheyenne East

Chad Goff has coached the Cheyenne East football team to a 59-39 record, two state championships and two runner-up finishes in nine seasons. Photo by Blaine McCartney/Wyoming Tribune Eagle

Chad Goff has coached the Cheyenne East football team to a 59-39 record, two state championships and two runner-up finishes in nine seasons. Photo by Blaine McCartney/Wyoming Tribune Eagle

Cheyenne East’s season ended with a 34-31 double-overtime loss to Gillette in the Class 4A semifinals.

The Thunderbirds (8-3) may have ended up short of their ultimate goal, but ninth-year coach Chad Goff deemed the season a success.

“We started the season as a great group of individuals and ended the season as a great team,” Goff said. “We grew a lot. These kids did a lot of things together, spent a lot of time together, created a nice brotherhood, created memories that they’ll have forever and became a nice team.

“… We got as much out of the kids as we could and they gave us as much as they could. High school football requires a lot of things to go your way. All season, we had things go our way but, in that final game, we had some things that hadn’t happened to us all year happen in that game.” Continue reading

BLOG BREAKDOWN: Cheyenne East boys basketball

EastJeff Bailey is confident entering his second season as the Cheyenne East boys basketball coach.

Taking a team from five wins to a 21-7 mark and third-place finish at the Class 4A state tournament has that effect on coaches. So does returning two all-state players.

More than anything, though, Bailey is just more comfortable in the lead chair and the responsibilities that come along with it.

“Any time you start something new, it’s a little intimidating,” Bailey said. “Now we have a foundation set and the kids know the expectations and we’re building off of a lot of good things that we saw from last year.” Continue reading

Tate took on bigger role in East win over Natrona

Junior Savannah Tate’s role with the Cheyenne East volleyball team has grown throughout this season. But it has never been larger than it was during Thursday evening’s 25-20, 25-17-23-25, 25-21 victory over Casper Natrona County.

Not only did Tate play more than she has in any other match that I’ve seen this season, but she also played well and notched several key kills that stemmed Fillies’ runs.

“She’s a smart hitter and did a great job against their big blocker out there,” East coach Dan Box said. “We’ve been able to use certain people in the certain situations and Savannah did a good job there.” Continue reading

Bartlett brothers get special moment in East’s rout

Tevis Bartlett

Tevis Bartlett

Tevis Bartlett was the last  player expected on the field with Cheyenne East leading Casper Kelly Walsh 57-27 when it took over on its own 26-yard line with 6 minutes, 23 seconds to play in the Class 4A quarterfinal game.

Most of the Thunderbirds’ starters were also on the field, but nobody would have blamed coach Chad Goff for keeping Wyoming’s reigning Gatorade Player of the Year on the sideline during what amounted to little more than garbage time.

That play – an 8-yard completion – was Bartlett’s last Friday.

And that’s just the way Goff wanted it. Continue reading

Outtakes: State cross-country

I found some gems when chatting with Laramie County’s cross-country community in the afterglow of Saturday’s state meet.

Pine Bluffs-Burns won its fifth straight state Class 2A girls championship. I did not see that coming at all. Last year’s third-place individual, Austin Asay, graduated, and two other expected returners didn’t come out for the team. So I figured they’d finish in position to come away with some hardware and a couple of all-state runners. Well, I suppose they did that. Continue reading

Oct. 8, 2014 Class 4A football statistics


Rushing offense: 1. Rock Springs 287.0; 2. Sheridan 228.8; 3. Casper Natrona County 216.5; 4. Cheyenne East 188.0; 5. Gillette 167.5; 6. Evanston 159.2; 7. Laramie 151.8; 8. Cheyenne South 150.7; 9. Cheyenne Central 116.7; 10. Casper Kelly Walsh 108.7.

Passing offense: 1. Gillette 278.0; 2. South 231.3; 3. Natrona 167.0; 4. Sheridan 164.3; 5. Central 160.8; 6. Laramie 155.8; 7. East 119.0; 8. Kelly Walsh 115.8; 9. Evanston 96.8; 10. Rock Springs 19.5.

Total offense: 1. Gillette 445.5; 2. Sheridan 393.2; 3. Natrona 383.5; 4. South 382.0; 5. Laramie 307.7; 6. East 307.0; 7. Rock Springs 306.5; 8. Central 277.5; 9. Evanston 256.0; 10. Kelly Walsh 224.5.

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Cheyenne Central vs. Cheyenne East football history


Longest win streak: Central 9 (1976-84)
Largest margin of victory: 48 (1976)
Central record as true home team at Milt Riske Field (since 2001): 2-6.
East record as true home team at Okie Blanchard Stadium (since 2001): 5-4.
1960: Central 13, East 7 Continue reading

Sept. 23, 2014 Class 4A football statistics


Rushing offense: 1. Rock Springs 283.0; 2. Sheridan 228.5; 3. Casper Natrona County 186.8; 4. Evanston 184.3; 5. Gillette 182.8; 6. Cheyenne East 178.5; 7. Casper Kelly Walsh 128.8; 8. Laramie 123.5; 9. Cheyenne South 115.8; 10. Cheyenne Central 96.0.

Passing offense: 1. South 276.3; 2. Gillette 235.3; 3. Sheridan 191.8; 4. Central 190.8; 5. Natrona 168.0; 6. Laramie 158.0; 7. East 119.8; 8. Evanston 119.5; 9. Kelly Walsh 105.0; 10. Rock Springs 18.0.

Total offense: 1. Sheridan 420.3; 2. Gillette 418.0; 3. South 392.0; 4. Natrona 354.8; 5. Evanston 303.8; 6. Rock Springs 301.0; 7. East 298.3; 8. Central 286.8; 9. Laramie 281.5; 10. Kelly Walsh 233.8.

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