Jan. 16 Class 4A boys basketball statistics


Scoring: 1. Gillette 75.6; 2. Sheridan 63.8; 3. Rock Springs 60.9; 4. Cheyenne South 54.4; 5. Casper Kelly Walsh 52.6; 6t. Riverton; Cheyenne East 51.5; 8. Casper Natrona County 51.2; 9t. Evanston; Laramie 50.5; 11. Green River 41.0; 12. Cheyenne Central 37.7.

Defense: 1. Kelly Walsh 37.6; 2. East 40.3; 3. Central 44.6; 4. Evanston 50.0; 5. Riverton 51.4; 6. South 53.4; 7. Sheridan 54.9; 8. Gillette 59.5; 9. Laramie 59.9; 10. Natrona 62.0; 11. Rock Springs 64.1; 12. Green River 65.6. Continue reading

Jan. 16 Class 4A girls basketball statistics


Scoring: 1. Cheyenne East 60.4; 2. Sheridan 59.4; 3. Gillette 59.0; 4. Casper Natrona County 54.5; 5. Rock Springs 42.2; 6. Riverton 42.0; 7. Cheyenne Central 41.8; 8. Green River 41.2; 9. Laramie 38.1; 10. Cheyenne South 37.0; 11. Evanston 36.5; 12. Casper Kelly Walsh 36.0.

Defense: 1. East 34.3; 2. Central 37.3; 3. Evanston 37.6; 4. Laramie 39.4; 5. Sheridan 39.8; 6. South 42.8; 7. Natrona 42.9; 8. Green River 45.3; 9. Gillette 46.3; 10. Kelly Walsh 48.9; 11. Riverton 49.6; 12. Rock Springs 57.4. Continue reading

Class 4A girls basketball stats Jan. 8, 2014


Scoring: 1. Sheridan 60.7; 2. Cheyenne East 60.4; 3. Gillette 59.6; 4. Casper Natrona County 54.4; 5. Cheyenne Central 43.1; 6. Rock Springs 42.9; 7. Green River 42.2; 8. Riverton 40.9; 9. Cheyenne South 38.6; 10. Laramie 37.3; 11. Casper Kelly Walsh 35.8; 12. Evanston 35.0.

Defense: 1. East 33.2; 2. Evanston 34.8; 3. Central 37.6; 4. Laramie 38.9; 5. Sheridan 39.6; 6. South 41.8; 7. Natrona 44.2; 8. Green River 45.3; 9t. Gillette; Kelly Walsh 48.3; 11. Riverton 53.3; 12. Rock Springs 58.9. Continue reading

Dec. 12: Class 4A girls basketball statistics


Scoring: 1. Gillette 77.0; 2. Casper Natrona County 62.7; 3. Sheridna 62.5; 4. Cheyenne East 45.3; 5. Rock Springs 43.0; 6. Green River 41.5; 7. Riverton 41.0; 8. Cheyenne Central 37.0; 9. Cheyenne South 36.7; 10. Laramie 34.3; 11. Casper Kelly Walsh 33.0; 12. Evanston 29.0.

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South’s Noble finds her ‘lucky’ shooting approach against Central

CHEYENNE — Dani Noble’s face said it all.

The Cheyenne South sophomore was running up the court when she realized there was no one around her. She signaled to Heather Amen that she was open and could get off a 3-point attempt.

Amen got her the ball. Noble turned and fired the shot.

At the same moment, a Cheyenne Central defender saw the slip and came closing in. She hit Noble as she was shooting.

The ball was nothing but net for three points and Noble was headed to the line.

But not before she cracked a big smile and just laughed. It was that kind of night. Continue reading

South girls basketball finds it has depth to spare

Cheyenne South's Oxsanna Beltran and Casper Kelly Walsh's Kristen Franke fight for possession on a loose ball in the third quarter during the McDonalds Classic on Saturday at South High School. Beltran finished with 12 points off the bench. Blaine McCartney/staff

CHEYENNE — By the time Cheyenne South’s game against Casper Kelly Walsh ended on Saturday, the Lady Bison had done things they’d never done before.

The most obvious of those was earn the program’s first-ever win over another Class 4A team. South won 60-54. Coming into the game, South was 0-16 against other 4A opponents over the last season and the first two games of this season.

How they got that win is the second thing the team had never done before — the program relied on its bench.

“It’s not a one-person team anymore. The team is now everybody, including the bench players, including the five people starting, including the coaches,” sophomore Dani Noble.  Continue reading

South’s Waters stands tall through adversity

Cheyenne South post player Jasmin Waters battles for rebound during a game last week. Dominic Benintende/staff

CHEYENNE — If Jasmin Waters wanted to phone in her effort from time to time, it would be hard to blame her.

Waters stands about 5-foot-7 and every night she is tabbed as a starter for the Cheyenne South girls basketball team. Every outing, Waters has to line up against post players who have at least a three-inch height advantage on her. But Waters doesn’t step away from the challenge.

“I just have to go up with the same confidence. If I think I’m going to be weak and go up, then I’m just going to miss the ball,” Waters says. “But if I go up strong and know I’m going to make it, I just go up strong.”

In the Lady Bisons’ final regular season games against in-town rivals Cheyenne Central and Cheyenne East, Waters was called upon to face the size advantage both teams brought to the court. Continue reading

Cheyenne South makes sportsmanship weekend’s theme

The image to the right will be featured on T-shirts that Cheyenne South is giving away this weekend when it hosts basketball doubleheaders against Cheyenne Central and Cheyenne East.

Below is the text of a release from the school about this weekend’s sportsmanship initiative.

“As a new school, Cheyenne South High is continuing to establish the traditions that are the foundation of a strong community.
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Dominating Dani

Cheyenne South's Dani Noble battles for loose ball during Friday's game against Cheyenne East. Noble rebounded from seven points on Friday to score 16 on Saturday against Cheyenne Central. Miranda Grubbs/staff

CHEYENNE — If Friday night was a nightmare for Dani Noble, then Saturday was a dream.

That might sound strange when you consider the Cheyenne South girls basketball team dropped both games to Cheyenne East and Cheyenne Central by double-figures. But difference between Friday and Saturday for Noble, it was something to smile about.

“Usually I’d be crying after a game we lost so I think I played pretty well,” Noble said with a little smile. Continue reading

Get your tweet on: Feb. 3, 2012

Alex Riley will be tweeting live from Cheyenne East’s main gym when the Thunderbirds boys and girls host Cheyenne South starting at 5:45 p.m. You can follow him at @alexrileysports.

If you can’t make it over to Laramie for Cheyenne Central’s visit to the Gem City, you can follow David Watson at @dwatsonsports.