Why did Halee Moore kiss this soccer ball?

MooreI’ve always thought I knew why Cheyenne Central’s Halee Moore puckered up and planted a quick smooch on a soccer ball prior to taking her shot during a shootout with Cheyenne East in the 2013 Class 4A girls soccer state championship match.

But it wasn’t until Thursday that my suspicions were confirmed. Continue reading

Central girls begin a new season

By Dave Shelles

A team doesn’t go from state runner-up to next-to-last in the conference without a bit of consternation within the ranks.

Yet the Cheyenne Central girls soccer team has chatted it up and supported each other all season, no matter how disappointing the results.

In the late stages of Saturday’s 3-1 win over Gillette, one player yelled to “switch the field!” Another stated (calmly but clearly), “Don’t yell, be positive.” Indeed, the Lady Indians completed a pass from one flank to the other and reset their offense.

“A lot of the upperclassmen have felt the sweetness of winning, and also some of the bitter,” said senior forward Madi Barber, who scored twice on Saturday. “We were third in state as freshmen, first as sophomores and second last year. This season has been frustrating and maybe we haven’t gone the right way about bringing the younger kids along.

“We’ve learned that positivity is better than criticism.” Continue reading

Fearneyhough impresses for Central girls

Freshman more than held their own in Friday night’s Cheyenne Central-Cheyenne East girls soccer match that was loaded with upperclassmen. The teams started 12 seniors or juniors as East grabbed a 3-2 overtime victory.

East freshman Morgan Burke netted the game winner in the 97th minute, classmate Katie Loken was strong defensively. On the Central side, Alexa Becerra opened the scoring and Sarah Krysl was strong defensively.

But there was one player who impressed me more than anyone — Central freshman goaltender Abby Fearneyhough. Continue reading

The Central and East girls ready to do battle again in state soccer finale

ROCK SPRINGS — The Cheyenne Central and Cheyenne East girls soccer teams have gone head-to-head three times this season. They were three of the most physical soccer matches you’ll ever see.

And not physical because either team was playing dirty. Physical because both teams were competing their collective tails off trying to get a win.

I don’t expect that to be any different in today’s Class 4A state championship.

As one parent said to me, “I feel sorry for the center official that has to do this game. You couldn’t pay me enough to take that on.”

How close were the three previous meetings? They tied 1-1 and 2-2 before East grabbed a 2-0 win in the 4A East Regional.

Both sides expect for of the same today. Continue reading