Five of Wyoming’s Class 4A teams debut new helmets

The first weekend of the Wyoming Class 4A football season saw five teams debut new helmets. Some of the changes were drastic, while others were subtle. Here’s a comparison of the 2014 looks and the 2015.


2015 Cheyenne Central comparisonThe Indians went decal-less and with a matte black helmet in 2014. This season, they’ve debuted a cherry red, metallic helmet with the school’s logo adorning the right side. The left side is blank.


2015 Cheyenne East comparisonThe Thunderbirds made the most subtle change to their helmets. East went to matte black helmets with Columbia blue decals in 2014. It stayed with its tradition of using its interlocking CE on the right side of the helmet and jersey numbers on the left. The T-Birds also used a stripe that started fat at the nose bumper and narrowed as it went back on the helmet.

In 2015, they flipped the stripe and it now starts fat at the neck bumper and narrows as it goes forward. Some sub-varsity players didn’t get the memo on the switch, as I saw photos from their game with Cheyenne South that had a mish-mash of the 2014 and 2015 looks. The stripe direction looked pretty consistent in the photos from the varsity squad’s 13-7 win over Rock Springs.


2015 Kelly Walsh comparisonThe Trojans jumped on the matte finish bandwagon and switched from black facemasks to white last season. They also used an oversized KW logo on the left side and jersey numbers on the right. In 2015, Kelly Walsh has opted for the oversized Trojan head on the left and jersey numbers on the right.


2015 Natrona County comparisonI could do a whole post on the looks the Mustangs have used since they ditched their traditional white helmets in favor of matte gray helmets in 2012. (Heck, I may just do that. So check back later.) The difference between these two helmets is pretty obvious. They’re metallic orange with the interlocking NC logo on both sides.


2015 Rock Springs comparisonThe Tigers went with plain matte black helmets in coach David Hastings’ first season at the helm. He told me he wanted to use a plain, metallic orange in his first season but saw that Natrona County had already staked its claim to metallic orange. Rock Springs used plain matte orange helmets in its 13-7 loss to Cheyenne East.


I’ve been told that Cheyenne South will add a single stripe, S and award stickers to its plain, metallic gold helmets this season. The S will be on one side of the helmet and the other will be blank.

The Bison had hoped to debut the look in the season opener at Evanston, but the decals didn’t arrive in time. They hope to have them ready to go when they host Cheyenne Central this week.

To the best of my knowledge, the only time the Bison have used a logo on their helmets came in 2012 or 2013 when they used the school’s Bison logo only on the left side.


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