UPDATED: Drew Severn completes his staff at Central

Cheyenne Central football coach Drew Severn has completed the coaching staff for his inaugural campaign. Severn will work specifically with the offensive and defensive lines, while overseeing the overall scheme on offense, defense and special teams.

Here’s who else is on staff. You’ll find some of what Severn had to say about them in italics below their name and duties. It’s worth noting that we only talked about the coaches I was unfamiliar with. I have asked him for some info about the coaches I knew and I’ll post that when I get it.

Isaac Miller: Offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach

“Ike Miller was on the staff of the last Central State championship. He is an outstanding QB coach and an offensive mind that knows the game who did play at the collegiate level.”

Curtis Martindale: Defensive coordinator and receivers and defensive backs coach

“Curtis Martindale is a great defensive mind that knows the game and has played at the collegiate level also as a defensive player in the secondary.”

Aaron Kruger: Co-special teams coordinator and quarterbacks and defensive backs coach. Kruger also will be the offensive coordinator for the sophomore team.

“Aaron Kruger comes to us from Nebraska who is a very good analyst of the game. He is a good wr/db/qb clinician as well as special teams coordinator for our athletes at CHS. He is the type of leader that leads by example and is the type of guy you want around your kids to instill leadership qualities.”

Rod Frederick: Co-special teams coordinator and linebackers and offensive line coach. Frederick also will be the defensive coordinator for the sophomore team.

“Rod Frederick is also a teacher in the district. He was a head high school football coach in the past and a defensive coordinator out inCalifornia. He is a great clinician in building linebackers and getting them to pursue to the football. Also, a great defensive mind in deciding angles of attacking an offense.”

Greg Bell: Running backs and linebackers coach. Bell also will be the offensive coordinator for the freshman team.

“Greg Bell is a science teacher here at Central. He has coached wrestling in the middle and high school ranks. He has also coached football as well in the past. He is a true asset for building strength and conditioning components to build a universal athlete. Honestly, one of the best analyzers I have ever seen in deciding what directions to take and great feedback type of guy you want on a staff.”

Kyle Stoneking: Linebackers and receivers coach. Stoneking also will be the defensive coordinator for the freshman team.

“Kyle Stoneking is one of our younger coaches on the staff. He is also our auto body teacher here at CHS. He currently comes to us from Alliance (Nebraska) where he coached football and track. He is an energetic guy that loves the game and both sides of the ball. A true work ethic coach that knows the game and is willing to be a true student of it as well.”

Kyle Brightman: Running backs and defensive line coach. Brightman – who was hired as Central’s varsity wrestling coach Friday – also will be the freshman special teams coordinator. Brightman and Severn worked together as assistant wrestling coaches under Bryce Leonhardt.

“Coach Brightman, who is now our head wrestling coach, is  the motivator type. He can work with every style of kid at any level of the game. He wrestled at the collegiate level and played football at CHS. He has a true quality of instilling mental toughness in kids and persistence. Glad to have him on board.

“I cannot say enough good things about my current staff for our football program. They all have specialized qualities that make a team strong! All are great leaders!”

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