East’s Fredrick overcomes allergies, ready to run

CHEYENNE — Katie Ruff watched Nate Fredrick run during the outdoor track season and couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

Fredrick, now a senior at Cheyenne East, had great times in the 800-meter run and did well during the indoor season. But when he started running the 1,600- or 3,200-meter races outdoors, things got tough.

Fredrick just thought it was the same problems most distance runners had. But something in his head told him to go visit a doctor after the conclusion of track season.

“I’m allergic to everything. Everything from animals to flowers to trees to grass. Everything,” Fredrick said with a smile.

The longer distance Fredrick ran, the worse his ailments got. Tightness in his chest and hives were two of the biggest problems he encountered during his running career. After every races, he’d take a few antihistamine capsules and everything would go back to normal.

After the diagnosis, Fredrick was put on three allergy shots three times a week to stop his reactions from happening. The end result — a runner who is ready to run.

“When he started running, he ran a really nice race down at Boulder Boulder, he had some nice training runs that he would tell me about. It was just amazing,” Ruff said.

“He told me the way he feels, the difference in his training is really optimistic for him this season.”

Fredrick was one of the runners leading the Thunderbirds this summer. The returning athletes met almost every day to run together through a city park. He lost count of the miles he logged during that time.

He hopes the training and medicine will help him find another gear this season. In 2011 he took 66th at the state cross-country meet. He moved up 30 places last fall to 36th.

But with his allergies no longer an issue, the odds he finishes even better are pretty high.

“(Finding out the problem) is really nice. It opens up a lot of stuff. I can go out and run like I normally do. It’s nice,” Fredrick said.

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