South girls make historic scoring splash against Laramie

Cheyenne South's Taylor Landon heads a ball during the team's 6-1 loss to Laramie on Friday. Shawn Havel/staff

Cheyenne South’s Taylor Landon heads a ball during the team’s 6-1 loss to Laramie on Friday. Shawn Havel/staff

CHEYENNE — Taylor Landon had “a good feeling about that kick.”

The Cheyenne South freshman lined up for a free kick about 30 yards away from the goal after teammate Heather Amen was fouled. It was eight minutes into the second half and the Lady Bison were down 3-0 to to Laramie, the state’s No. 1 team.

South coach Phil McGovern gave Landon the green light to fire away if she felt the shot was there.

Landon did. And the rest, as they say, is history.

The goal took the entire Laramie defense by surprise as no one moved when the ball left her foot. It settled into the back of the net well away from ever being stopped and the Bison cut the deficit to 3-1. They would go on to fall 6-1.

“Coach always tells to aim far side and that’s pretty much what I did – high or far side and it just ended up going in,” Landon said.

The shot might not have helped South’s chances of pulling out the win but it did give the team something to celebrate.

For the first time in school history, the Bison scored against another Class 4A team. It’s also the first time the team has scored at least one goal in back-to-back games. South netted a goal and penalty kick against Torrington back on Tuesday.

“For us, that’s huge,” McGovern said.

In the previous three meetings with Laramie, South has lost by a combined scored of 29-0.

Friday’s defeat still went in the books as a loss but to the players involved it didn’t have that feeling.

Inside the Bison locker room was a dry eraser marker board with “2nd half starts today” written on it. The slogan was a reminder that the second half of the season began with the Laramie game. What happens during the back half of the season will determine just how much the team has improved.

“We’re improving significantly. We’re getting a lot better and I’m really proud of us,” Landon said.

“I feel by the need of the year, we’re going to get better and it’s going to keep getting better.”

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