Pine Bluffs volleyball gets refreshed mindset

PINE BLUFFS — There is one blemish on an otherwise perfect season for the Pine Bluffs volleyball team — a five-set loss to Guernsey.

Saturday’s shot at redemption? Well, that was just what the Lady Hornets needed.

In the regular season finale, in front of the home fans on senior night, Pine Bluffs got a chance to avenge its only loss and it didn’t waste the opportunity. The team won in four sets, rallying back from a first set loss. What did it mean? Everything.

“It means a lot to us. It means we have improved from the beginning and it feels like we’re undefeated now because we beat the only team that beat us. It feels really good that we are the top dogs and watch out,” senior Cassidy Smith said.

The Lady Hornets had to overcome the emotions of senior night along the way. But when you’re the No. 1 team in Class 2A, you’re expected to play at high level no matter the situation.

At 21-1 overall, Pine Bluffs will roll into regionals as the hands down favorite to march on to state. They have the tools to do just that. More importantly, they expect to.

“Since that was the only loss we’ve had it was cool to just go out there, show them what we’re made of and work hard and do our best,” Andrea Baker. “We got together and told ourselves we can’t let this happen again. We just need to come together, talk to each other and help each other out.”

For coach Lisa Gilbert, the win was two-fold — it served as a shot to make up for the team’s only loss and it gave the Lady Hornets a chance to build a little confidence after a lackluster game against Lingle-Fort Laramie the night before.

In the final regular season road game, Pine Bluffs struggled to a four-set win. Getting a win over Guernsey might be just the tonic the team needed.

“After last night I was like crap, I don’t want a game like that going into regionals,” Gilbert said. “Today they avenged themselves and did well. I’m really proud of them. They came together as a group.”

5 thoughts on “Pine Bluffs volleyball gets refreshed mindset

  1. “Hands down favorite” that quote makes me laugh, I would love to know if Wright, Big Horn, Tongue River, and Sundance know about this. These teams have been playing 4A and 3A teams all year long… The level of competition makes a huge difference in the over all record. This also makes a difference in level of play at regionals, this is why the NE conference always sends 3 teams to state each year… Take nothing away from Pine Bluffs as a one loss season is amazing but to say “hands down favorite” is ridiculous.

  2. So what you’re saying 2A volleyball is that there are four teams in the northeast that are better than Pine Bluffs? Because what that writer said is that Pine Bluffs is a hands down favorite to march on to state. He never said Pine Bluffs was the hands down favorite to WIN state. I guess reading comprehension isn’t that big of a deal up there in Campbell County.

  3. Comprehension? Read my post again pal, I never said a word about Pine Bluffs being hands down favorite to win state. I quoted what it says, and it says “hands down favorite to roll into state”. I was just wondering if the four teams from the NE Conference and also Southeast know this.. “Hands down Favorites” I have been around high school sports a long time and there are very few times ever you can say a team is “hands down favorite” to do anything… “Hands down favorite” really when you are playing in a regionals with the number 2 team in the state in Wright, number 3 team in the state in Big Horn, and Sundance, Tongue River, and Southeast who all have been in the top five throughout the year… I think the only thing you can say “hands down about” is there is going to be awesome volleyball at the East regionals and there is no team who is “hands down favorites to roll into state”.. Just want to make a correction to your post… Wright is the only team from Campbell County, Big Horn, Tongue River, and Sundance are not from Campbell County…

  4. Allow me (the writer of the above post) to clarifiy what I meant – My intent was never to say that Pine Bluffs is the favorite to necessarily win state. With their record and ranking, the Lady Hornets should be a “hands down favorite” to reach state after taking part in the regional contest and possibly make a deep run into the state tournament. There are a good number of teams who have been successful this year and they will all get their chances to win and make noise in the playoffs. I just believe, with the resume Pine Bluffs has put up in the regular season, they should be a favorite to have a successful postseason. Thanks for the discussion, hope this settles some things out.