More wrestling

A few things I forgot to mention in my last wrestling post.


1.)  Cheyenne Central has now won the past three conference duals with Cheyenne East. That winning streak improves to four if you count the Indians dual win at the Bill Thoman Memorial in Green River earlier this season.


2.)  Central senior Dillon Karajanis missed Friday’s dual with a broken left hand. He injured the hand helping a teammate warm up for Tuesday’s dual with Casper Kelly Walsh.


Karajanis expects to get a soft cast/wrap he can legally wrestle with some time next week. He had one doctor tell him he shouldn’t cause further damage to his hand by finishing the season and another advised against finishing the year, but said he should be OK. Karajanis said he’s going to give it a go.


3.)  East junior Dalton Nelson’s shoulder injury is going to keep him out for the rest of the season. Nelson had been in and out of the lineup because of that injury. He tested it in practice earlier this week, but tweaked the injury again and was forced to shut it down.

One thought on “More wrestling

  1. Dalton, I am very sorry to hear that you will not be coming back! My son knows how that goes! We wish you all the best!