Unpublished profile

We’ve recently brought back our prep profile boxes where we ask high-school athletes random questions. I asked Cheyenne Central Justin Roberts the following questions during our Prep Athlete of the Week interview Tuesday, but plumb forgot to put together the profile information for publication. Roberts gave me some quality answers, so here’s the box that should have run in today’s paper.

Justin Roberts

Grade: Senior

Sports: Football, indoor and outdoor track and field

Trading places:Seeing how track is my thing, if I could trade places with somebody for one day it would have to be (Jamaican sprinter) Usain Bolt. If I’m Bolt, there’s no way I’m pulling up and celebrating 10 or so meters short of the finish line in the 100 at the Olympics. I’m going to run as hard as I can all the way through the finish to see just how fast I really am.

Bucket list: Before I die, I definitely want to go watch the Olympics. I’ve wanted to do that ever since I started competing in track. I also would like to see the Super Bowl in person. I just hope the game I get to go to is as exciting as the last one we watched Sunday.

First job: I was a ticket-taker at Iowa State football games. We were basically done by the second quarter and then got to go up into the stands and watch the game. It was pretty nice.

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